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Dr. Liu Wei of University of New South Wales (UNSW):Modelling and Managing Automated and Shared Mobility

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On September 11, 4:30-6:00 pm, Dr. Liu Wei from the University of New South Wales wasinvited to visit our institute and gave an academic report entitled “Modellingand Managing Automated and Shared Mobility” in the new main building A716.Professor Huang Haijun, Professor Tian Qiong, Professor Tang Tieqiao, ProfessorGuoRenyong, Associate Professor Liu Tianliang, Dr. Wang Chenlan, Dr. WangChunan, Dr. Li Xinwei and more than 30 students from the School of Economicsand Management and the School of Transportation participated in this academicreport.


At thereport, Dr. Liu Wei introduced his main research areas, including the modelingand data analysis of urban multimodalsystem, shared mobility, air-railintermodal transport system, automatic driving and other traffic problems. In trafficmodeling, he mainly introduced parking problem, automatic driving and shared mobility.Asto data analysis, he mainly studies on social media data, personal activitytrajectory data and bus card swipe data. Dr. Liu Wei mainlytalked about the differenceofparking supply and demand in transportation networks with autonomous vehicles.Hethen made a comparison with the classic workof Professor de Palma on spatialand temporal parking problem. At the end of the report, Dr. Liu Wei discussedsharedeconomy in transportation research, such as parking sharing, ride sharing, ridesourcing and car sharing.

At the end of the report, the teachers and students had a heateddiscussion with Dr. Liu Wei on the content of the report, and the atmospherewas very active.