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The 5th BeihangIEB Forum Successfully Held

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In Oct 27, 2019, the fifthBeihang International Economics and Business (IEB) Forum was held in the HumanitiesHall in Beihang. The forum themed as"Technology-Facilitated BusinessEcosystem Evolution and Stakeholders’ Well-being", is organized by theInstitute of Economics & Business and School of Economics & Management.The conference invited many well-known scholars from world-class universitiesincluding York University, Canada, University of Auckland, Aalborg University,Peking University, Beijing Technology and Business University, Universityof InternationalBusiness and Economics, China University of Political Science and Law, CapitalUniversity of Economics and Business, Renmin University of China, TianjinNormal University, Beijing University of Chinese Medicine, Beihang Universityetc. The forum was chaired by Professor Ning Zhou and associate Professor XinWu.

Professor Junjie Wu, associateDean of School of Economics and Management at Beihang University, firstaddressed the conference on behalf of the school. He introduced the developmenthistory and brilliant achievements of School of Economics & Management andthe birth background of the Institute of Economics & Business. He expressedhis welcome and gratitude to scholars from all over the world, and wished theconference a complete success.

Later, Professor Huiwen Wang,director of International Academic Committee of Institution of Economics andBusiness at Beihang University, also delivered a warm speech, saying that theInstitute has been facing the international academic frontier, introducing talentsthrough innovative mechanisms and promoting the development of disciplinesthrough international cooperation. Prof. Wang also expressed her warm welcometo the distinguished guests, and extended her sincere appreciation to them fortheir support to this forum and the Institute of Economics & Business.

After the opening ceremony of theforum, Prof. Russell W Belk of York University, Canada, Prof. Ilan Oshri ofUniversity of Auckland, Prof. Zhixue Zhang of Peking University, Prof. ZhihuaXie of Beijing Technology and Business University, and associate Prof. YangCheng gave a speech respectively on the topic of “Sharing in an Internet Age”“Challenges and Opportunities in Digital Transformation: Research and Practice”“Executives' Belief in Negotiable Fate and Its Functioning in Firm Innovation”“New Technology and the Evolution of Management Accounting” and “How to Adopt3D Print in Your Business”.

The forum in the afternoon wasdivided into two sessions. Associate Prof. Mingpeng Huang of University ofInternational Business and Economics, assistant Prof. Xiaoping Tong of BeihangUniversity, associate Prof. Ye Liu of China University of Political Science andLaw, associate Prof. Qi Qiu of Capital University of Economics and Businessandassociate Prof. Daxuan Zhao of Renmin University of China gave their excellentreports on Session I: Organizational Behavior & Healthcare andEnvironmental Economics; on Session II: Financial Accounting & Marketing,Dr. Yu Ji of Beihang University, assistant Prof. Weichen Yan of BeihangUniversity, associate Prof. Huarui Cao of Tianjin Normal University, Dr. YaxinMing of Beihang University and associate Prof. Qiuying Zheng of BeijingUniversity of Chinese Medicine present their latest research. The reports,diverse in topics and rich in content, are of great value.

This forum provides a platformfor communications and interactions between the domestic and foreign scholarsin the field of frontier of economics research, and it also brings an academicvisual feast for the SEM’s teachers and students. In the future, the Instituteof Economic and Business will continue to enhance dialogues and cooperationwith leading scholars at home and abroad to promote the development ofdisciplines of economics and business.