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Dr.Ming Feng:Structural Analysis of the Financial Industry Expansion in China:the Perspective of Value-Added and Input-Output

Publish Date: 2019/10/18 14:26:12    Hits:

On 18 Oct. 2019, we welcomed the speaker Dr. Ming Feng,DeputyDirector of Economic Research Department to give a speech on the topic of Structural Analysis of the Financial Industry Expansion in China: thePerspective of Value-Added and Input-Output, which uses the StructuralDecomposition Analysis method to decompose the increase of the share offinancial industry's value added in GDP into the partial effects of fivefactors named as the “relative price factor”, the “relative value-added ratiofactor”, the “domestic supply ratio factor”, the “production structure factor”,and the "final demand factor".


More than 20 teachers and studentsof the School of Economics and Management have participated in the seminar anddiscussed the study with Dr.Feng. We are looking forward to the Bi-Week Applied Economics Colloquiumnext week.