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Prof. Ronghui Liu: Stochastic bus schedule coordination considering demand assignment andrerouting of passengers

Publish Date: 2019/11/06 17:12:24    Hits:

On November 5,2019, in the room A716 of the New Main Building, Prof. Ronghui Liu, at University of Leeds,UK, was invited to make an academic lecture on “Stochasticbus schedule coordination considering demand assignment and rerouting ofpassengers”. More than 20 professors and students from the SEM attended thislecture. 

A good schedule coordination cansignificantly improve the connectivity and service quality for bus network. Inthis talk, Prof. Liu introduced a novel stochastic bus schedule coordinationdesign with demand assignment and passenger rerouting in case of transferfailure. A bi-level programming model is formulated whereby the schedule design(headways and slack times) and passenger route choice are determinedsimultaneously. The upper-level problem is formulated as a mixed integernon-linear optimisation problem that minimizes total system cost, while thelower-level problem deals with route choice (pre-trip and on-trip) fortimed-transfer service. A heuristic algorithm and the method of successiveaverages are applied for solving the bi-level model. Results showed that whenthe rerouting behaviour is considered, more cost-effective schedulecoordination scheme with less slack times can be achieved, and ignoring sucheffect would underestimate the efficacy of schedule coordination scheme.

Prof.Ronghui Liu’s clear andin-depth lecture has benefited everyone, and was successfully concluded in awarm atmosphere.

Prof Ronghui Liu, Professor ofNetworks and Transport Operations, at the Institute for Transport Studies(ITS), University of Leeds, UK. She received her BSc from Peking University andPhD from Cambridge University. Before joining ITS Leeds, she was a ResearchFellow at University College London, and while at ITS, she was seconded to headthe Transport Modelling Division at TRL, UK in 2005. She served as an AssociateEditor for journal IEEE Transaction on Intelligent Transportation Systems, andMember of Editorial Board of IET Journal of Intelligent Transport. Her researchareas span a number of themes in the field of transport studies: in vehicle dynamicsand traffic microsimulaton model developments; in traffic control theory andalgorithms; in travel behaviour and Intelligent mobility; in stochastic modelsand reliability analysis; in public transport operations and controls; intimetabling and schedule coordination; and in train control and railway trafficmanagement systems. She is particularly interested in the interrelationshipsbetween these themes, and methodologies for estimation, design and evaluationof their network-wide effects.