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Prof. Zhijun Li:Studying China's Problems, Telling Good Stories about China

Publish Date: 2019/11/21 16:53:24    Hits:

On 20th November, 2019, we welcome Prof. Zhijun Li to our series lecture on “Economics and Business”, as well as his speech on Studying China's Problems, Telling Good Stories about China. Zhijun Li is the president of the Management World, the leading talent in the national press and publishing industry, enjoying the special allowances of the State Council. His research interests include technology economy, industrial economy, innovation and entrepreneurship, intellectual property rights and public policy evaluation. The lecture was hosted by Prof. Ying Fan from School of Economics and Management at Beihang University.

In the following lecture,Prof. Zhijun Li focused on the analysis of academic research and thesis related issues; and briefly introduce the "Management World" condition and the exploration to reform recently.

During and after the lecture, more than 80 scholars and students from BUAA SEM discussed the key points of the talk with Prof. Zhijun Li and also raised quite a few relevant questions,which provoke further thinking on the issue from both parties.