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Professor Anthony Chen's lecture notice

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Visual PFE: A framework for estimating origin-destination trip tables from observed traffic data

Lecturer:Professor Anthony Chen,Utah State University

Time:2010.6.16(Wednesday), 11:00-12:00 a.m.

Location:New Main Building A1136

Organizer:The Department of Business Administration


Visual PFE is an integrated software suite that combines the Path Flow Estimator (PFE) with other software components to facilitate the estimation, visualization, and refinement of origin-destination (O-D) trip tables with user-friendly Graphical User Interfaces (GUI). The core of the Visual PFE is the PFE formulated as a convex program with side constraints for estimating path flows from traffic countsin a transportation network.

The estimated path flows can further be aggregated to obtain the O-D flows, which are usually required in many transportation applications. In this seminar, Dr. Chen will present a framework for estimating O-D trip tables from observed traffic data, which consists of the PFE formulation, solution procedure, and software development of Visual PFE. In addition, several recent extensions including three Lp-norm PFE models for handling traffic count inconsistencies, traffic counting location models for determining the number and locations of traffic counts for improving O-D trip table estimation, and quality assessment measures for evaluating the quality of estimated O-D trip table will be discussed in the seminar.

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