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Prof.Fang He's Lecture Notice

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Title:A Systematic Investigation of General Nonlinear Road Pricing

Lecturer:Prof. Fang He, Tsinghua University

Time:2017.12.1,14:30-16:00 pm


Inveited by: Prof. Tianliang Liu


General nonlinear road pricing charges each traveler based on the quantity of a particular individual traffic-related attribute and could adopt any appropriate tolling function. We have conducted a series of investigation on the general nonlinear pricing in context of managing travel demand, mitigating traffic congestion and reducing vehicular emission. Specifically, we explore the performance of the first-best nonlinear pricing, which is defined as the pricing scheme without restriction on tolling function form, tolled area or tolled individual attribute. We also propose an optimal tolling function design framework that is generally applicable to any nonlinear attribute-based road pricing. Finally, using the distance-based pricing in linear continuous cities, we address two fundamental questions: i) what is the value of pricing’s nonlinearity for mitigating traffic congestion? ii) if a nonlinear tolling function is implemented, should it be convex, concave or other shape?