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Frank Jotzo's Lecture Notice

Publish Date: 2017/12/05 17:09:33    Hits:

Incentives for low-carbon electricity: certificate trading schemes for the power generation

Lecturer:Prof. Frank Jotzo, The Australian National University Editor-in-chief of Climate Policy Lead Author of IPCC AR5



Invited: Prof. Fan


Different market-based policy instruments can be used to to achieve low-carbon or renewables targets for the electricity sector. Emissions trading, renewable portfolio standards and feed-in tariffs are being used by different governments. This talk examines other variants of low-carbon electricity support mechanisms that are currently under consideration in Australia: an emissions intensity trading scheme, where generators trade certificates for emissions intensity with each other; and a low-emissions certificate scheme, where electricity retailers buy certificates for emissions intensity from generators. The analysis draws out in-principle effects of the different schemes, and illustrates the effect of different scheme settings for hypothetical applications to the Australian electricity grid. I will discuss whether such schemes may be applicable in China.

About the lecturer:

Frank Jotzo is Professor at the Australian National University’s Crawford School of Public Policy, where he directs the Centre for Climate Economics and Policy. As an environmental economist, his research focuses on policy relevant aspects of climate change and energy. Frank Jotzo is joint editor-in-chief of the journal Climate Policy, was a Lead Author of Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change 5th Assessment Report, and has done policy advisory to governments. He has followed China’s climate change and energy policy for some years and has been engaged in research collaborations between Australia and China.