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Day-to-day dynamics with advanced traveler information

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Title:Day-to-day dynamics with advanced traveler information  

Lecturer:Hongbo Ye

Time:2018.4.12,16:00-17:30 pm  


Invited by: Prof.Renyong Guo

Abstract:This research investigates the day-to-day dynamics of a transportation system under the provision of Advanced Traveler Information (ATI). The ATI provided to the travelers is either the historical or the predicted travel costs, based on which travelers make their own predictions accordingly and further choose the routes. Day-to-day models are formulated to investigate the stability of the transportation system when ATI is either the historical or predicted travel costs. The analysis shows that publishing the predicted costs harms the stability of the transportation system. Further, in a special case that the historical travel costs are used as ATI and travelers respond perfectly to their predictions, the day-to-day dynamic is shown to be equivalent to the logit-based first-in-first-out dynamic and be globally stable under separable link cost functions. Finally, we model the logit-based proportional switch adjustment process under the provision of predicted travel costs and prove it to be globally stable.

Abstract:Dr. Hongbo Ye is a Research Fellow in the Institute for Transport Studies at the University of Leeds. He received PhD in Civil Engineering from The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, and BEng in Automation from the University of Science and Technology of China. His research interests include day-to-day traffic flow dynamics, user equilibrium and traffic assignment models, railway simulation and scheduling, and train speed profile optimisation. He has published in leading transportation journals and prestigious transportation conferences, and is the reviewer of a dozen international journals.