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Prof.Shanjun Li's Lecture Notice

Publish Date: 2018/04/08 10:45:15    Hits:

Title:Transportation Policies and Household Sorting: Evidence from Beijing

Presenter:Prof.Shanjun Li

Host:Prof.Xueying Yu

Time:2018.4.9 10:00-12:00


Abstract:Airpollution and traffic congestion are two of the most pressing urban challengesin many fast-growing economies. Various transportation policies from both thedemand and supply sides including congestion pricing, driving restrictions, thegasoline tax, and the expansion of public transit have been adopted to addressthese issues. We develop and estimate a residential location sorting model toexamine the interactions of transportation policies and household sorting. Thesorting model incorporate commuting decisions and generates equilibriumpredictions of household location under different transportation policies. Weestimate the model parameters using a large household travel survey and richhousing transaction data in Beijing. The analysis illustrates the importance ofincorporating travel choices in household location decisions and the importanceof understanding sorting behavior in designing effective transportationpolicies.