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Prof.Lixing Yang's Lecture Notice

Publish Date: 2018/04/28 17:09:07    Hits:

Presenter:Prof.Lixing Yang's

Title:Reliability-Based Train

Scheduling in a High-frequency Metro Line: Mixed Integer Programming Models and

a Dynamic Programming Based Approach



Host:Prof.Zhongfeng Qin

Abstarct:This study aims to develop a unified mathematical framework to analyze the reliability of metro train schedules, and further find the most reliable train schedule for metro lines in an uncertain environment. By employing a space-time network representation in the formulations, the reliability-based train scheduling problem is rigorously formulated as a nonlinear stochastic programming model, in which we use 0-1 variables to denote the time-dependent velocity and position of all the involved trains. Several reformulation techniques are developed to obtain an equivalent mixed integer programming model with quadratic constraints (MIQCP) that can be solved to optimality by some commercial solvers. To improve the computational efficiency of the MIQCP model, we especially develop a Lagrangian relaxation (LR)-based solution framework that decomposes the primal problem into several sets of sub-problems by dualizing the coupling constraints across different samples. An exact dynamic programming combined with a number of search space reduction strategies is also developed to solve the exact optimal solutions of these sub-problems. Finally, two sets of numerical experiments are implemented to verify the effectiveness of the proposed approaches. This work is collaborated with Yin Jiateng, Zhou Xuesong, Tang Tao, and Ziyou Gao.