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Lecture Notice—Push and Pull: Targeting and Couponing through Mobile App

Publish Date: 2018/06/05 14:20:38    Hits:

Title:Push and Pull: Targeting and Couponing through Mobile App

Presenter:Zhuping Liu, Assistant Professor of Marketing,Zicklin School of Business, Baruch College, City University of New York

Hosted by: Prof.Qiuhong Zhao




We examine the effects of mobile targeting by capturing the dynamic interactions among shopper-initiated and publisher-initiated activities. Shoppers might receive targeted push messages based on either their individual historical behavior (“behavior-based push”) or their current shopping location (“location-based push”). We develop a novel multinomial multivariate point process model, which zooms into days that include activities and zooms out of inactive days to predict the dynamic interactions between activities.

The analysis reveals interesting insights into mobile targeting. First, behavior-based push can substantially increase the probability of coupon pull. A push message with the right timing and content, can lead to more than 42% increase in the probability of coupon pull on the same day. Second, location-based push can remind shoppers of coupons available from the mobile app and significantly improve the probability that shoppers pull coupons during shopping. A location-based push helps increase the probability of coupon pull by more than 41% in a regional mall and by almost 57% in a strip mall. Third, stacking multiple behavior-based pushes with the right timing and content and targeting the right shoppers can substantially amplify the effects of a single push on shopping mall visits while location-based push can drive dramatically higher coupon redemption intentions. Therefore, behavior-based push and location-based push play different roles in influencing shopping activities. We conclude with implications for publishers, mall owners, and retailers on how to leverage mobile targeting to increase mobile app usage, foot traffic and coupon redemptions.