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Prof.Yao Qin's Lecture Notice

Publish Date: 2018/11/26 17:32:49    Hits:

TitlePsychology differences among mindset orientations and the consequences in varied consumer decisions

Presenter:Associate Prof. Qing Yao

Donlinks School of Economics and Management

University of Science & Technology Beijing

Hosted by: Prof. Huang Jinsong

Time:2018.11.28 12:00-14:00



This research investigates the relationship between types of financial gifts and evaluations of products’ advertisement messages designed at different construal levels. Based on the theory of goal-related mind-sets, the authors propose that gifted cash recipients are more likely to activate the first subgoal of the shopping procedure or script (deciding whether to buy something) and thus more likely to construe information at abstract, high-levels, whereas gift card recipients are more likely to adopt a latter subgoal or decisional stage (deciding which to buy, where, when and how to act and so on) and thus more likely to construe information at concrete, low-levels. Further, fit (vs. non-fit) between the gift recipients’ mind-set and the construal level at which product information is represented can typically lead to more favorable attitudes toward the advocated product, because fit enhances engagement that in turn intensifies reactions. Five studies demonstrate the proposed fit effect as well as provide support for their theoretical explanation.

About the presenter:

Qing Yao, received her Ph.D. in Marketing from Tsinghua University in 2012. She is now an Associated Professor and the Associate Chair of Business Administration Department at Donlinks School of Economics and Management, University of Science and Technology Beijing. Her main research areas include consumer behavior, consumer decision making, branding strategy, and advertising and promotion strategy. She has published papers in leading journals including Journal of Retailing, European Journal of Marketing, Acta Psychologica Sinica (in Chinese), Business Review (in Chinese) and Journal of Marketing Science (in Chinese). Currently, she is teaching courses on Consumer Behavior, Marketing Management, Design and Management of Marketing Channels, Marketing Research Methods at both Undergraduate and MBA levels.