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Professoer Haitao Yin's Lecture Notice

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TitleEliminating Small Firms or Noncompliant Firms: A Comparative Analysis of Two Ways to Control Pollution

Presenter:Haitao Yin

Time: 12.14 12:00-14:00



Closingsmall firms and shutting down noncompliant companies are two common practices under the command and control environmental policy. We theoretically analyze the difference between them, and further empirically investigate how the surviving firms could be affected differently by these pollution control methods. We find that under size control, surviving firms significantly increase their output, increase their capital investment, improve their total factor productivity and improve their ROA. These influences also exist under standard controls but quantitatively much smaller.


Dr. Haitao Yin is Associate Professor and Director of Economics at Antai College of Economics and Management in Shanghai Jiao Tong University. He obtained his Ph.D in Applied Economics and Management Science at The Wharton School in University of Pennsylvania. His research focuses on Environmental Economy and Policy and Energy Economy and Policy Research.