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Visit of ESCP Europe Business School

Publish Date: 2016/07/04 08:54:53    Hits:

On October 25th afternoon, the director of ESCP Europe Business School, Doctor Leon Laulusa, was on a brief visit to our school, and had signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) for cooperation with us. The director of alumni office, Prof. Bai Ming, secretary general of Beijing Alumni Association, Dr. Cai Ke, the dean of SEM, Prof. Wang Huiwen, the vice-dean, Prof. Wang Jing, the director of EMBA, Prof. Cheng Zhichao, the director of MBA, Dr. Su Wenping, the vice-director of EMBA, Dr. Huang Jinsong, Mr. Jia Zichao from EMBA, and the foreign affairs assistant, Dr. Hao Jinxing attended this colloquium.

On behalf of all people, Prof. Wang Huiwen expressed a warm welcome for the arrival of Dr. Liu, and extended heartfelt thanks to the support of Alumni Office. During the meeting, we signed MOU for cooperation with ESCP Europe Business School, and also discussed the issues on EMBA, exchange MBA students and many others in depth. Both sides reached a primary intent of collaborative research.

As one of the earliest Business Schools in Europe, ESCP Europe Business School was established in 1819. According to the Financial Times in 2010, the major, Master in Management, was ranked No. 1, and ESCP Europe Business School was ranked No. 7 in Europe. Now, there are five campuses, i.e., Paris, London, Berlin, Madrid, and Torino. As a high-international school, the number of enrolment every year is more than 4000 from more than 90 counties, and it also cultivates more than 5000 professional manager.