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Colloquia with University of Missouri-St. Louis, Business School for Student Exchange program

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1.Introduction ofUniversity of Missouri-St. Louisand its Business School

1.1University of Missouri-St. Louis

University of Missouri-St. Louiswas established in 1963, and located in Columbia as its main campus. It was the unique university in the west coast of Mississippi River, offering more than 250 courses, and also was the oldest and the largest public university in the Unite States of America. The university has high academic prestige, and was known as `Public lvy elite School`. The World’s first department of Journalism was established in this university, and its Agricultural College and Engineering College are also very famous. There are four branches, i.e., UM-Columbia, UM-Rolla, UM-Kansas City and UM-St. Louis.

As the third largest university in Missouri, UM-St. Louis has becameone of the most important college for education in Louis. It offers nice accommodation and good academic circumstance. Now, there are 1042 faculty members, and more than 96 percents of them have obtain the doctoral degree. Up to now, the number of graduate students has excessed 70,000, and it offers 46 degree coursesfor undergraduate, 30 degree courses for master, and 13 degree courses for doctor. Its dominant majors include business, chemistry, physics, and biology. Moreover, the course, international business, has been awarded as the best course in the top 20 by U.S. News & World Report for four consecutive years.

1.2 Business School

The Business School possesses one of four dominant majors of UniversityMissouri-St. Louis, i.e., business. Moreover, it has been awarded as one of the 10% top business schools in the world.

2. Exchange Program

Visiting for upper-level graduate students (including several undergraduate)

This time the visitors from University of Missouri are the vice-dean of its Business School, Thomas Eyssell and the chief director of International Business Institute, Dr. Joseph W. Rottman. They discussed the cooperation issue with BUAA, including the half- or one- year visiting to the Business School for upper-level graduate students as well as several undergraduates. The details of visiting contains

(1) Study some related degree courses

(2) Research on some related projects

(3) One designated teacher from Business School offers Research guides for these visitors

(4) Participate several student activities

3. Content ofColloquia

3.1 Introduction ofUniversity of Missouri-St. Louisand its Business School

3.2 Discussion on Student Exchange Program

(1) The advantage, or distinctive features of UM

(2) Research idea and method

(3) Admission requirement, policy related to the projects, schedule, tuition fee etc.

4. Date and Venue

Date: 9:00AM, Nov. 7 2014 (Friday)

Venue: No. A622, New Main Building

Welcome for your attendance!