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China Recycle Economy Research Center

China Recycle Economy Research Center (CRERC) was found on June 15,2005 as one of the earliest research centers for recycle economy in Chinese universities. It is directly led by Beihang University and Beijing Association of Recycle Economy Development (BARED).

Renowned scholars work as consultants in CRERC. They are Wang Daheng, academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences; Sun Honglie, academician and past Associate Dean of CAS; Li Jingwen, academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering(CAE) and dean of school of economics and management of Beijng Industry University; Guo Zengyuan, academician of CAS and professor in Tsinghua University; Fang Keding, professor and adviser to the Minister of Land and Natural Resources ; Xu Xian, professor and CPPCC National Committee member; Yu Zonglin, professor and CPPCC National Committee member; Wang Hao, academician of CAE and director in the Department of Water Resource at China Institute of Water Resources and Hydropower Research; and Hu Zhaoguang, professor and former deputy mayor of Beijing. Their guidances and supports have made CRERC developed quickly at a high academic level.

Since its founding, CRERC has made significant achievements with an emphasis on both theory and practice of recycle economy. First, CRERC was and has been responsible for many key projects relating to recycle economy, resource allocation, Bejing Olympics, etc. It takes responsibility for government decision making and regional development. Second, CRERC actively promotes the concept of recycle economy in China and extensively develops its international cooperation. In doing these, CRERC hopes to improve China’s international academic position in the field of recycle economy. Third, based on the strong supports from Beihang University and North China University of Technology, CRERC aims to provide talent-training program in recycle economy area for its future development.

Director:Prof. Wu, Jisong js_wub@buaa.edu.cn Website:http://www.ccrer.org