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Beijing Higher Education Demonstration Center on Innovative Economy and Wisdom Management

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The center stems from the economic and management experimental teaching center that was established in 2006 by combining the experiment labs of information system, logistic management, accounting computerization, and international trade. In 2013, the center was re-named as teaching demonstration center for innovative economy and smart management, which was later recognized as a teaching demonstrator center by the Department of Education of Beijing. The center has a mission to integrate multiple disciplines, combine teaching and research, promote innovation and entrepreneurship, and support practical learning. The center takes the advantages ofkey national disciplines and key provincial labs. It sets up several interdisciplinary experiment systems, including the big-data and smart business experiment system, the digitalized business management and innovation experiment system, the innovative economics and financial engineering experiment system, the interdisciplinary experiment system, and the innovation and entrepreneurship experiment system. All the systems utilize research and teaching resources from multiple disciplines and are open to the overall university.