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Beihang MBA Program Investigates the Novel 1C2E Cultivating Mode

Publish Date: 2016/08/22 14:23:35    Hits:

A couple of weeks ago, Professor Ning ZHOU introduced the characteristics of MBA program in Beihang University and presented the factsheet of MBA recruitment in 2015 when she had an interview with Sina.

Started in 1998, Beihang MBA program aims at cultivating business leaders in China with global vision & social responsibility and scientific spirit & humanistic concern. It was one of the first to get the certification from IPMP. In 2010, it further became one of the 18 comprehensive reform programs under supervision of China National MBA Education Supervisory Committee.

During the reform process, it gradually formed its own cultivating mode – case-based teaching, experiment-based teaching and experience-based teaching – 1C2E mode.

The significance of case-based teaching is that most of cases used in lectures were developed by the professors themselves. Our school has already accomplished a big achievement in the past few years with respect to case development. Professor Jingqin Su from Dalian University of Technology states that analytic skills of case development in Beihang University are almost as well as Harvard Business School.

Regarding the experiment-based teaching, Beihang University is the only one university which has two province level key laboratories: one is from municipal of Beijing and the other is from Minister of Education. A number of courses could be taught in the laboratories.

With respect to the experience-based teaching, the program has signed agreements with more than 40 companies as training bases. Most of the bases are related to aeronautics and astronautics. Nevertheless, they also include companies focusing on IT and investment etc.

“Based on our advantages, the program will provide high-level business leaders using 1C2E.” Stated by Professor Ning ZHOU.