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Research Centers

Research Centers:

  • China Recycle Economy Research Center (CRERC) Beihang
  • Beihang Research Center for National Defense Economy and Management
  • Beihang Research Center of Complex Data Analysis
  • Finance Research Center at BUAA (FRCB)
  • Center for Energy and Environmental Policy Research (CEEP_Beihang)SEM
  • In addition, SEM has established Fifteen school-level research centers:

  • China Business Case Research Center
  • Research center for international business
  • Research center for operation management
  • Research center for IT innovation and application
  • Research center for knowledge, intelligence and information management
  • Center for defense technology information consulting
  • R&D center for project management and value engineering
  • Research center for general aviation industry development and policy
  • Research center for industrial ecological development
  • Research center for organizational reform and human resource development
  • Research center for low-carbon econom
  • Research center for management information system
  • Research center for China’s manufacturing development strategy
  • Reseach center for China’s civil aviation development
  • Beihang Digital Enablement Research Center
  • The Intelligent Interaction and Experience Center