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Center for Energy and Environmental Policy Research

The center for Energy and Environmental Policy Research at Beihang University (CEEP_Beihang) is a joint research group focusing on the research of energy economics, energy-environment integration, and climate change. Most CEEP members also serve on the faculty of SEM at Beihang University and the Institution of Policy and Management at Chinese Academy of Sciences. CEEP_Beihang is one of the earliest research centers for energy economics in China, with quite a lot of innovative work done in the fields of energy and environmental economics, energy finance, investment and financing for low-carbon techniques, market-based carbon mitigation, and international climate cooperation. The research work at CEEP is supported by the National Sci-Tech Support Plan, the key projects of National Natural Science Funds of China (NSFC), the key international collaboration projects of the NSFC. CEEP_Beihang also maintains close  collaboration with the Energy Policy Research Group at Cambridge University, the Energy research Center of the Netherlands (ENC), the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, the Energy Studies Institute at the National University of Singapore, the Fraunhofer Institute for Systems and Innovation Research, and many other renowned academic institutes.