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Name:HAO Jinxing
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Email: hao@buaa.edu.cn
Title: Associate Professor
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Hong Kong Scholar, Associate Editor ofElectronic Commerce Research

School ofEconomics and Management

BeiHang University

Areas of Research Expertise

Areas of Teaching Expertise

·Knowledge Management

·Business Intelligence


·Smart Tourism

·Internet of Things

·Business Research Methods

·Management Information Systems

·Decision Support and Business Intelligence Systems

·Enterprise Resources Planning

Personal Introduction

Dr.HAO isa Hong Kong Scholar andan Associate Professor at the School of Economics andManagement, BeiHang University.He is also the director of research center for Internet of Things and Business Intelligence. He received his PhDin Information Systemsfrom City University of Hong Kongand MSc in Informatics from Wuhan University.

Dr. Hao’sresearch interests includesmart tourism, e-commerce,knowledge managementandbusiness intelligence.He works as the Principal Investigator for several national research projects including National Science Foundation of China,Aeronautical Science Foundation of China, andResearch Fund for the Doctoral Program of Higher Education of China. He also collaborates withBeijing Municipal Commission of Tourism Developmentin the area of smart tourism.

He has publishedmore than 30articles inrefereedjournals such asJournal of the American Society for Information Science and Technology,IEEE Transactions on Knowledge and Data Engineering,Decision Support Systems,Journal of Information Science,Expert Systems with Applicationsandmanyothers.


[Academic Qualifications]

·PhD(2008)City University of Hong Kong

·MSc(2004)Wuhan University

·BA(2001)Wuhan University

[Professional Qualifications]

·Member ofInternationalHonorSociety of Beta Gamma Sigma(2008)

·Association for Information Systems (2005)

·Academy of Management (2006)


[Journal Articles]

·Xu, Y., Guo, X.,Hao, J.-X., Ma, J., Lau, R. Y. K., & Xu, W. (2012). Combining social network and semantic concept analysis for personalized academic researcher recommendation.Decision Support Systems, 54, 564-573.

·Wang, G.,Hao, J.-X., Ma, J., & Jiang, H. B. (2011). A comparative assessment of ensemble learning for credit scoring.Expert Systems with Applications, 38(1), 223-230.

·Wang, G.,Hao, J.-X., Ma, J., & Huang, L. H. (2010). A new approach to intrusion detection using Artificial Neural Networks and fuzzy clustering.Expert Systems with Applications, 37(9), 6225-6232.

·Hao, J.-X., Kwok, R. C.-W., Lau, R. Y.-K., & Yu, A. Y. (2010). Predicting problem-solving performance using concept map: An Information-Theoretic Approach.Decision Support Systems, 48(4), 613-621.

·Du, H. S.,Hao, J.-X., Kwok, R. C.-W., & Wagner, C. (2010). Can a lean mediumenhance large-group communication? Examining the impact of interactive mobile learning.Journal of the American Society for Information Science and Technology, 61(10), 2122-2137.

·Lau, R. Y.-K., Song, D., Li, Y., Cheung, T., &Hao, J.-X.(2009). Toward a fuzzy domain ontology extraction method for adaptive e-Learning.IEEE Transactions on Knowledge and Data Engineering, 21(6), 800-813.

·Pong, J., Kwok, R. C.-W., Lau, R. Y.-K.,Hao, J.-X., & Wong, P. (2008). A comparative study of two automatic web document classification methods in a library setting.Journal of Information Science, 34(2), 213-230.

·Ma, F. C., &Hao, J.-X.(2006). Applications of concept maps in knowledge representation and knowledge evaluation (I).The Journal of the Library Science in China, 32(3), 5-9.

·Ma, F. C., &Hao, J.-X.(2006). Applications of concept maps in knowledge representation and knowledge evaluation (II): Concept maps as tools for knowledge evaluation.The Journal of the Library Science in China 32(4), 22-27.

·Ma, F. C., &Hao, J.-X.(2006). Applications of concept maps in knowledge representation and knowledge evaluation (III): Empirical study.The Journal of the Library Science in China 32(5), 9-16.

·Hao, J.-X., & Shen, X. X. (2006). Study on the framework for web site analysis based on usability engineering.Document, Information & Knowledge(2), 81-86.

·Li, D. M., &Hao, J.-X.(2004). Preliminary study on framework evaluation of web sites.Chinese Journal of Information, 23(11), 23-27.


·Yuan, S., &Hao, J.-X.(2012).An Exploratory Study on the Pattern of Tourism Destination Integrated Communication Based on Social Media.Paper presented at the The 2nd International Conference on Business Management and Electronic Information, Guangzhou, China.

·Yuan, S.,Hao, J.-X., Guan, X., & Xu, H. (2012).The Effect of Social Media on Tourism Destination Marketing: A Media-Synchronicity-Theory based Exploration.Paper presented at the 2012 9th International Conference on Service Systems and Service Management, Shanghai, China.

·Hao, J.-X., Yu, A. Y., & Dong, X.-Y. (2011, 7-11 July).Bridging role of absorptive capacity for knowledge management systems success.Paper presented at the Pacific Asia Conference on Information Systems 2011, Brisbane, Australia.

·Hao, J.-X., Yu, A. Y., & Kwok, R. C.-W. (2010).A semantic analysis method for concept map-based knowledge modeling.Paper presented at the Proceedings of 2010 International Conferences on E-Business Intelligence, Kunming, China.

·Yu, A. Y.,Hao, J.-X., Dong, X. Y., & Khalifa, M. (2010).Revisiting the effect of social capital on knowledge sharing in work teams: A multilevel approach.Paper presented at the Thirty-First International Conferences on Information Systems, Saint Louis, USA.(Best paper nominee)

·Xu, Y., Ma, J., Sun, Y.,Hao, J.-X., Sun, Y., & Zhao, Y. (2009).Using social network analysis as strategy for e-commerce recommendation.Paper presented at the 13th Pacific-Asia Conference on Information Systems (PACIS).

·Lau, R. Y.-K.,Hao, J.-X., Tang, M., & Zhou, X. (2007).Towards context-sensitive domain ontology extraction.Paper presented at the Fortieth Annual Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences, Big Island, HI, USA.


[Consultancies and Professional Practice]

·Beijing Municipal Commission of Tourism Development

Applications of Internet of Things Technologies in Beijing Tourism Development

·Ministry of Industry and Information Industry

Deep Integration of Informatization andIndustrialization

·National Science Foundation of China

Researcher Social Network and Research Intelligence

·Beijing Watertek Co Ltd. (Listed in Shenzhen Stock Exchange)

e-marketing intelligence