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Returning to the Alma Mater | School of Economics and Management of Beihang University held the event of “Alumni Homecoming Day”

Publish Date: 2023/04/23 15:41:02    Hits:

On the afternoon of April 8th,to reinforce the connection between alumni and their Alma Mater and facilitate the advancement of alumni affairs,theSchool of Economics and Management of Beihang University held the secondevent which is"Returning to the Alma Mater - Alumni Homecoming Day".On that day, it’s more than 20 alumnirepresentatives,returned to the campus for this event, reliving fond memories and forging new connections.

In the beginning, alumni were given a comprehensive tour of theSchool History Museum. During the visit, theyrealized the school has had the profound impact on generations of students again; meanwhile felt the development of School of Economics and Management of Beihang University in recent years.

Subsequently, alumni visitedsome new labs, such as, Intelligent Information and Financial Innovation Laboratory,Management Communication and User Experience Laboratory,and Low-Carbon Governance and Policy Intelligence Laboratory. This visit allowed the alumni to witness firsthand the school's latest development research and achievements, as well as theywere elated and proud to see the school's progress in these areas.

Following thevisit, the alumni participated in the second “Returning to the Alma Mater “symposium under the auspices of Hu He and Yi Meng.Every representative took an active role in the event that engaging in discussions on how to effectively carry out alumni works and offeringa plethora of suggestions.They recommended using cultural and sports activities as a bond to organizealumni toparticipate in the communications, industry forums, branch construction, school-enterprise cooperation, and other activities. Theywillfully utilize the role of representative to bring together more alumni and help facilitate the smooth operation of alumni activities.

In conclusion, this"Returning to the Alma Mater - Alumni Homecoming Day" eventwas a great success in strengthening the connection between the school and its alumni. It allowed alumni to reflect on the profound impact of the school on their lives while providing a glimpse of the institution's latest achievements. We hope that through this alumni event, we can continuously strengthen the connection between alumni and the school and jointly promote the development.