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SEM Faculty and Students to KEDA for investigation and survey

Publish Date: 2023/05/02 15:24:06    Hits:

On April 23, 2023, Professor Mou Hui, the Vice Dean of SEM led a team to conduct a visit at KEDA, which is an outstanding alumni enterprise. The team held in-depth discussions with KEDA Manufacturing's Vice President, Zhou Peng, regarding the potential close college-enterprise cooperation and building an enterprises-universities-researches Integration.

In this meeting, the leader of KEDA introduced the important stages and key events in the company's development, as well as its business strategy and future development based on the digitalized supply-chain finance model.

After the meeting, the leader of KEDA led the teachers and students on a tour of the KEDA Hydraulic Company and the Processing Machinery Division, which demonstrating the application of intelligent manufacturing in the company's production lines.

During the feedback session, Vice Dean Mou Hui thanked the visit, and expressed the intention for further cooperation between the school and the enterprise. Professor Ouyang Taohua introduced that Case Study isvaluable way for enhancing KEDA's management, and school’s business education, and academic research. Finally, our invited researcher, Professor Gong Ke, introduced the value of enterprise cases in practical research.

This visit has further strengthened the deeper cooperation between our school and outstanding alumni enterprises, continuously developed our talent cultivation,recognized practical achivenments in enterprise management,and continued working with the talented people from enterprises.