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The Marketing Department visited to the Beijing Economic and Technological Development Zone for discussion and exchange

Publish Date: 2023/05/05 08:38:28    Hits:

"On April 23rd, Professor Liu Lin, along with representatives from the Digital Marketing Department of the School of Economics and Management at Beihang University, visited the Beijing Daxing Economic and Technological Development Zone (see:EDZ). The purpose of the visit was to conduct extensive discussions and exchange ideas regarding the digital economy, which is a significant national strategy. Associate Professors Li Chenxi, Xu Wenti, and Yao Tang, as well as doctoral student representatives attended this symposium andshared their insights and thoughts on the subject matter."

With the support of the Beijing Municipal Bureau of Economy and Information Technology, our professors developed an in-depth discussion with representatives from over 30 key digital economy companies on the topic of Seizing the New Opportunities in the Digital Economy and Building a New Highland for Industry Clustering. The discussion was vibrant and lively, with participants eagerly sharing their innovative explorations, industrial experiences, and business suggestions in the field of the digital economy.

During the discussions, Professor Liu Lin introduced the Didital Marketing Department, as well as research fields and potential areas for future cooperation. He highlighted the mission of the department was positioned on conducting academic and practical research in digital marketing area based on quantitative methods. Meanwhile it is a key to keep a close eye on the latest digital marketing developments and trends.

He also emphasized the department's commitment to attracting top talents from both domestic and international areas, and to cultivating leading talents in the digital marketing field. Currently, the Digital Marketing Department has established extensive cooperations with domestic and foreign research institutions and enterprises. It has been achieved numerous researches and empirical results.

At the same time, Digital Marketing Research Center has been established by theDigital Marketing Department, which is dedicated to both theoretical and practical research work in the digital marketing field. In the future,itwill further deepen its cooperation with the SME Center, Daxing EDZ, and more related enterprises.

In general, this event aims to facilitate exchanges on cutting-edge topics in the industry, discuss the future development of the digital marketing economy, explore the path of industry-university-research cooperation,andaccumulate momentum for industrial development toform a cooperative win-win situation.This event is not only pushing forward the cooperation between the School of Economics and Management of Beihang University and the enterprises in Daxing but also injecting new energy into the future development of the economy in Daxing EDZ.

In the future, the Digital Marketing Department will continue to focus on empowering the high-quality enterprises development and work together to contribute to the construction of thedigital economy.