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Congrats! Our MPAcc students made to the top 150 in National Case Competition!

Publish Date: 2023/05/16 15:40:31    Hits:

On April 26th, the first phase of the 9th MPAcc Students Case Competition concluded with great success. The team “DuiMingBuZhongYaoBu Team” (队名不重要对不队)outshonefromthe other 398 teams in the North China region and emerged as one of the top 150 teams,whichqualifying for the nextstage of the competition.

The MPAcc Students Case Competition is guided andorganized by theChina National MPAcc Education Steering Committee and the MPAcc Student Case Competition Organizing Committee. The competition aims to cultivate and enhance the ability of MPAcc students to identify, analyze, and solve actual enterprise problemsthrough organizing MPAcc students to experience business practices, simulate management decisions, and competionproblem-solving. What’s more, the competition, which has been held continuously for 9 sessions,has received highly acclaimed among various universities in China. In this year, it has 3,038 MPAcc teams from 7 regions that participated in the competition.

SEM puts a premium on the case competitions for accounting students. Therefore, the school organized an internal case competition for practice and heldmeetings for experience sharing,therebyenhancing students' confidence and experience. Forthemore, the school established a "Case Competition Guidance Teacher Database" to support the team-selection and encouraged students to propose innovative and feasible case-solutions.

Overall, this achievementof the “DuiMingBuZhongYaoDuiBu Team” (队名不重要对不队) is based on all efforts of students andSEMfaculty. New competitions are just starting and we hope that they will achieve greater awards in the second stage of the competition.