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Two undergraduate teams won Top 20 in the MPAcc Students Case Competition

Publish Date: 2023/06/01 09:08:36    Hits:

On April 26, the 9th MPAcc Students Case Competition concluded its undergraduate stage. It was a remarkable achievement for two undergraduate teams from the SEM, as they secured the first and second positions in the highly competitive North China region. Meanwhile, it symbolized that the teams from SEM have made it into the top 20 nationwide for two consecutive years!

The MPAcc Students Case Competition is guided andorganized by theChina National MPAcc Education Steering Committee and the MPAcc Student Case Competition Organizing Committee. In this year,527 undergraduate teams participated in the competition.

During the case competition, the school formed a guidance team led by Professor Zou Yan, with Professor Zhou Ning and Associate Professor Pan Lixin as team members. Under the support of Gaochao, theyseparatelyassembled two undergraduate teams. One is the 'You Chuang Yi Zu' team, which comprising four students from the class of 2020, and another team consisting of four students from the class of 2021, named 'Jing Da Xi Suan' team.

Throughout the competition, the professors meticulously distilled their previous experiences and delved into the essential elements of excellent case reports, incorporating them into the guidance of this competition. The students displayed great enthusiasm in conducting literature reviews and gathering relevant materials. They also effectively divided the workload and cooperated with each other in-depth analyses of the case problems. Furthermore, they had numerous offline and online discussions to continuously improve their case reports. As a result, both teams emerged victorious once again and secured their positions among the top 20 nationwide.

This competition has fostered a spirit of teamwork, dedication to research, and a serious and rigorous attitude among the undergraduate teams, andultimately enhanced the students' professional and practical abilities.