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SEM students won the special award of the China National College Students Competition on Energy Economics

Publish Date: 2023/06/05 09:49:04    Hits:

On May 20,China National College Students Competition on Energy Economics were held successfully at Shanghai Jiao Tong University . Thiscompetitionbrought together teams from universities across the country toshare their remarkable academic achievements. It is worth that the research project titled "The Impact of Climate Policies on Systemic Risks of Commercial Banks"by Wang Zixin and Ling Tao fromSEM, whichwas honored with the Special Award.Moreover,associateprofessor Liu Bingyue and Wei Yigang were awarded the distinction of Excellent Supervising Teachers. In addition to these outstanding recognitions,there werefive other teams recognized and awarded first, second, and third prizesseparately.

The remarkable accomplishments in this competition serve as a testament to the success of talent cultivation in the field of energy economics atSEM. These achievements hold immense significance in advancing the development of the energy economics discipline and addressing the critical strategic objectives of the country's dual-carbon goals.SEM will remain committed to fostering exceptional works and providing guidance to the faculty and students of Beihang University to facilitating the integration of green economic theories with practical research, thereby it contributes to promotethe realization of the national energy revolution and dual-carbon objectives.