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Dean's Message

Welcome to the School of Economics and Management (SEM) at Beihang University. For over sixty years, Beihang SEM, as one of the first economics and management schools in China, has achieved remarkable accomplishments along with the fast development of China’s economy and society. With the long history of excellence in science and engineering and pursuing Beihang’s educational philosophy of “Commitment to integrity, hard work, truth, and innovation”, and practicing the university’s motto of “in possession of both moral virtue and ability, to unify knowledge and practice”, our school is highly successful in discipline construction, research, education, and public service.

Recognizing that Beihang SEM’s development is based on China’s development, we strives to realize our goal of continuously enhancing research innovation ability for national strategic requirements and actual enterprise application seizing the strategic opportunities of making China an innovative nation and developing a first-class university in the world. Realizing that academic research can drive application research, we focus on moving our discovery out of laboratories to improve the consulting and decision making service for government, large-scale engineering projects, and industrial enterprises. We will actively and intensively develop our international exchange programs and cooperation, and pursue the all-round quality-oriented education. Along with the spirit of practicality, Preciseness, Openness, and creativity, our education prepare students for tomorrow’s scholars and business leaders with global vision, solid knowledge background, in-depth understanding of specialized area, and high creativity. Beihang SEM is going ahead towards a high-level research-oriented business school, well-known throughout the world!