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Introduction of Graduates Education

We have more than 600 doctoral students as well as academic and professional master students in the School of Economics and Management (SEM) of Beihang University, which also recruits about 100 master students and more than 30 full-time PhD students each year. The general enrollment of postgraduate students showed a rising trend since 2012, with an increasing proportion of professional master students year by year. At the same time, the scope of majors for postgraduate also gradually expanded.The available doctoral majors in SEM ofBeihang includes the management science and engineering, financial engineering, transportation planning management and statistics; the academic postgraduate majors includes management science and engineering, financial engineering, transportation planning and management, finance, accounting, business management, information science, statistics; the professional postgraduate majors includes finance, international business, insurance, industrial engineering, accounting, logistics management, etc.

For students at the beginning of first semester, we have various activities such as the outdoor quality promotion, career navigation, communication with postgraduate mentors and treasure-oriented exploration. Then we cultivate the comprehensive growth of the students through academic research, career planning, scholarship system, volunteering and public welfare, community culture, innovation enhancement and so on.

With the academic forum for postgraduates, the SEM has built a platform of academic achievements and thoughts collision. We not only invite distinguished professors in academic and commercial world to give lectures, but also organize seniors to share their experience, which improve the continuing construction of the excellent study habits. Graduates of SEM have chances to achieve over 20 kinds of the different scholarship, including the national scholarship at the core, as well as academic scholarship, social scholarship, principal scholarship, outstanding postgraduates and graduates scholarship. Basically 90% of the students can be rewarded at least once through the academic research, practical ability and social work aspects.

In order to help the postgraduates with their career planning, our SEM has set up a career development center, the “Dream Starting” career development workshop and the talents union concerning enterprises. Starting here, graduates are able to receive the latest recruitments and job recommendations, and have opportunities to work at large enterprises in the field to gain experience at first hand. They can also enjoy the most professional training for job hunting skills, choose the first-tier business administrator as social adviser, and receive the enhancement of vocational skills through the school-level competitions of job hunting.

For the graduates at school, the SEM graduate student union sets up a platform for the academic and cultural exchange among schools. Students have a diverse after-class life with sociable activities such as sports meetings, basketball matches, soccer matches and photography competitions, through which the graduates gain friendship, self-confidence and good organization and communication skills. SEM has also set up volunteer association, which makes voluntary service and public welfare spread across society. With visiting the retired teachers, assisting the International Congress, donating clothes to the children in mountain regions, the smile of all the volunteers has become the best representative of SEM.

BUAA Graduate Education Center

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