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Department of Accounting was established in 2004, and now there are eight full-time faculty members, including one full professor, six associate professors, and two assistant professors. Among them, six faculty members have got Doctoral degree, and one is PhD Candidate.

Accounting Department has established a cooperative relationship with both accounting associations and government in teaching, research, and public service. The ongoing projects include the Humanities and Social Science project by the Ministry of education, the Aviation Science Foundation of China, projects supported by the Beijing CPA Association and enterprises and government, and so on. Up to now, the department has finished one project sponsored by National Natural Science Foundation of China, one sponsored by the Ministry of Finance, one supported by National Audit office, two supported by the Beijing CPA Association, and five sponsored by enterprises. Over eighty research papers have been published on major academic journals.

The department offers both undergraduate program and master’s program in accounting. It has a total enrollment of over ninety undergraduate students. More than thirty Master’s students have graduated. The graduates from accounting department have been widely accepted in the job market. Ninety-nine percent of graduates are employed and the placement rate for Master’s students has achieved one-hundred percent.