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BUAA School of Economics and Management started to offer MPAcc Program (professional) in 2014. The program is set up for the purpose of training practical high-level professional accounting talents who have developed broad international horizon, abilities to practice with professional skills and to creatively cater to the needs of decision-making organizations such as medium-and-large-sized enterprises and governmental offices. The program has two majors for students with research interests, namely Financial Accounting and IT as well as Corporate Finance and Capital Operation. The program adopts a training mode of Double Advisors, which unites in-class study, practice teaching and dissertation writing together. The School has initiated exchange and cooperation with over 10 overseas institutions, including York University of Canada and Politecnico di Milano of Italy. Overseas exchange programs targeting at MPAcc have been establish to expand students’ understanding of the world and2 increase their competitiveness internationally.

BUAA MPAcc Center:

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