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The School of Economics & Management of Beihang University (BUAA) was established in 1956 as the earliest one among science & engineering oriented universities. The school has won recognition for having the most ministerial and provincial-Levelkey laboratories. It is one of the first eight schools approved for the national key discipline of Management Science & Engineering. Beihang SEM is officially listed in China’s ‘211 Projects’, ‘985 Projects’, and ‘Double First-rate Projects’. It is also a home to the first approved national innovation center by ‘2011 plan’, as well as a high and new-tech innovation center among universities in Beijing.

Currently, Beihang SEM has four Level-One disciplines which are Management Science & Engineering, Applied Economy, Business Administration, and Statistics, as well as nine departments. The school offers four PhD programs and one postdoctoral program. The discipline of Management Science & Engineering ranked #6 nationwide according to the evaluation by Ministry of Education in 2006 and 2012 separately. Building on our strength in Management Science & Engineering, the school has reached balanced development of disciplinary structure including Business Administration, Economy, and Statistics.

The school has recruited 138 full-time faculty and staff members, including 42 full professors, 58 associate professors, and 45 doctoral advisors. Among faculty, there are 1 Innovation Research Team supported by National Natural Science Foundation, 2 distinguished professor of Cheung Kong Scholars Program, Ministry of Education(MOE), 1 Young Cheung Kong Scholar, 4 professors being awarded National Fund for Distinguished Young Scholars, 1 ‘973’ project chief scientist, 3 winners of the National Science Fund for Excellent Young Scholars, 2 professors being selected as New Century BaiQianWan Talents Program National candidates, 1 recipient of Nomination Prize of Young Chinese Scientist, 1 winner of FuDan Premium Fund of Management, 11 professors being selected into the Program for New Century Excellent Talents (MOE),2 recipients of Cross century talents, 2 winners of Beijing Teaching Award, 1 Beijing moral standard teacher, 3 recipients of Award for Major Professor of National Excellent Doctoral Dissertations, and 4 recipients of National Excellent Doctoral Dissertation Award. Beihang SEM is attracting and encouraging a number of youth talents, who contribute on both teaching and research.

More achievements have been accomplished by our students. Three dissertations were awarded National Excellent Doctoral Dissertation and four received Nominations. Three students were awarded National Fund for Distinguished Young Scholars. One project won Outstanding Award of “2009 Challenge Cup”. Another one won the first prize in 2011 Qualcomm Snapdragon National University Innovation contest. In 2013, Students got the golden prize in ‘Youth Dream’ Entrepreneurship Contest For Beijing College Students. In 2015, students won a champion in the 1stChina ‘Internet plus’ College Students' innovation and entrepreneurship competition. In 2018, SEM students team had won the first MCM/ICM Outstanding winners. In 2019, students have won special prize of “Challenge Cup”. In 2020, SEM students won the first prize of the sixth China National College Students Competition on Energy Economics. Our alumni have become top leaders in the industries of aeronautics and astronautics, manufacturing, finance, information technology as well as other fields. They are playing critical roles in national major strategic projects and economic development.

The school has obtained outstanding achievements in teaching featured by case-method learning, experimental teaching, and practice teaching. 58 original cases won national excellent management case prizes, 12 cases won prizes of national teaching case contest for master of finance, and 13 cases won national excellent teaching case prizes for professional master of accounting. The total amount of winners ranked first among national universities. The school has developed Beijing Practice Teaching Demonstration Center for Innovation Economy and Wisdom Management as well as Beijing Higher-Education Demonstrative Innovation Practice Base for Economic Management. In 2010 our MBA program became one of the first comprehensive reform experimental units for graduate education of MoE professional Degrees.

Based on interdisciplinary cooperation, Beihang SEM is continuously pushing forward innovative research on frontier and critical issues in China’s economy and management as well as strategic needs of our nation. In recent years, the school has accomplished significant and original achievements in these aspects. Faculty and students have undertaken and completed three 973 Projects, many NSFC Projects including nine key Projects as principal investigators, three major international cooperation project, five National Funds for Distinguished Young Scholars, as well as six 863 Projects and many research projects towards critical needs of national economy and defense construction.

The school has taken steps in open strategy of education and is gradually forming all-round international cooperation, which largely enhances the school’s global reach. The school maintains extensive partnerships with more than 20 renowned universities or research institutions in all dimensions including faculty and student exchanges, joint research projects, etc. In 2013 the Center for Sino-Canada Senior Management Education was established and in 2014 the school was granted Beijing Municipal Base for International Cooperation in Science and Technology. The school has successfully sponsored the international academic conferences on Sino-Japan Industrial Management for 14 times, the International Computer and Industrial Engineering Conference, the International Conference on Partial Least Squares and Related Methods, the International Conference on Value Engineering and Value Management, the International Symposium on Computational Traffic Science, the Symposium on SPS Case Study Methods, etc.

Over the past 65 years, Beihang SEM has walked a way of education with distinctive competitiveness. Talent cultivation prepares students for their solid foundation of business knowledge, global vision, and creativity. The school consistently provides conscientious and diligent studying environment as well as diverse and active school life. It always has a culture of hard working and plain living. Along with Beihang’s educational philosophy of ‘To Unify Knowledge and Practice’ and our spirit of ‘Commitment to Studiousness, Practical Solutions and Actions, and Pursuit of Wisdom and Strength’,Beihang SEM is continuously striving to build into a world first-class school of economics and management based on our China roots!