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School Council

Dean Prof. Fan Ying

Preside over the overall administrative work of the school. Responsible for school’s plan of development, discipline construction, think tank research, high-level talents introduction and faculty construction. In collaboration with Secretary of the Party Committee, responsible for security, stability, confidentiality, comprehensively enforcing strict party governance and construction of a clear and honest party.


Secretary of the Party Committee Prof.Zheng Haitao

Preside over the overall work of the party committee of the school. Responsible for party building, ideological and political work, comprehensively enforcing strict party governance and construction of a clear and honest party, cadre team construction, establishments of the organizational structure, Labor Union, confidentiality, security and stability, financial management, and system building and in charge of graduate programs.


Associate Dean Prof. Mou Hui

In charge of administrative work, MEM education program, MPAcc education program, MF education program, part-time graduate education, Case Center, brand promotion, and alumni work.


Associate Dean Prof.Qin Zhongfeng

In charge of undergraduate program, MBA (including EMBA) program.


Director for graduates Prof.Shan Wei

In charge of postgraduate ideological and political education, postgraduate affairs, Career Development Center, and coordinating the alumni work.


Associate Dean Prof. Wu Junjie

In charge of scientific research management, international collaboration and exchanges, laboratory construction and management, library and database construction, information construction, and co-management of discipline construction and confidentiality.



Associate Secretary of Party Committee Gao Chao

In charge of undergraduate ideological and political education, undergraduate affairs, student party building work, the management of the Youth League Committee branch, student union, and student associations, and co-management of alumni work.


Assistant to the Dean Xu Guangyu

Coordinate administrative work, think tank research, and be in charge of daily management and style construction of offices (including employed staffs).


Assistant to the Dean Prof.Hao Jinxing

Coordinate graduate program, international collaboration and exchanges.