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Behavior and Operation Management

The Department of Behavioral and Operations Management (Originally known as Management Science and Engineering Department) is one of the first established majors for undergraduate students in the School of Economics and Management. Now the department possesses two Doctoral programs, Master’s programs as well as the related Post-doctoral Research Centers in both Management Science and Engineering and Transportation Planning and Management; and undergraduate program in Management Science and Engineering. Moreover, the Management Science and Engineering was awarded as the National Key Discipline in 2002, and was ranked as No. 6 in the Assessments of Ministry of Education in 2012; the Transportation Planning and Management (Level 1 discipline) was ranked as No. 4 in the Assessments of Ministry of Education in 2012.

The department has fourteen full-time faculty members, and all have got doctor degree. Among them, there are nine professors including eight doctoral supervisors, three associate professors and two assistant professors. Moreover, there are two Winners of the National Science Fund for Distinguished Youth Scholars, one Distinguished Professor in Chang Jiang Scholars, one Chair Professor, and three persons supported by the Talent Supporting program in New Age by the Ministry of Education. The major research is focused on Modeling and Management of Travel Behavior, Production and Operation Management, Quality Control, Strategic Management Behavior, Management Innovation and so on.

In recent years, the department conducted one National Program on Key Basic Research Project (973 Program) as the chief host. In addition, there are two National Natural Science Foundation for Innovation Research Groups, two National Science Funds for Distinguished Young Scholars, one National Natural Science Foundation of China (Key Program), and more than thirty National Natural Science Foundation of China (General Program, Youth Program, Projects of International Cooperation and Exchanges, and so on). Moreover, there are over one hundred publications indexed by SCI/SSCI. Among them, around thirty research papers have been published in the Top international journals in Management and Optimization, such as “Operations Research”, “Transportation Research Part B”; some research results were awarded the Second Prize of National Natural Science (one item), the First and Second Prize of Natural Science by Ministry of Education (two items), and the Second Prize of Beijing Science and Technology (one item). Among the graduated doctors or post-docs, one person was awarded as National Science Fund for Distinguished Young Scholars; three persons were awarded as National Natural Science Foundation for The Excellent Youth Scholars; three persons won National Excellent Doctoral Dissertation

Award (including two Nomination Awards). Besides emphasizing on teaching and scientific research, the department also provides training and consulting services to government and enterprises.