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Department of Finance has thirteen full-time faculty members, including six full professors, four associate professors and three assistant professors. Among our faculty, there are recipients of Government Subsidies of the State Council, New Century of Excellent Talent, National Excellent Doctoral Dissertation Award, and New-Star-in-Blue-Sky of Beihang University. Most of them have the background in Mathematics and Computer Science, and were graduated from domestic top universities and research institutes with experience of studying and researching abroad. The department has established the extensive and profound academic exchange programs for both teachers and students with many leading international business schools.

Research areas focus on Asset Pricing, Risk Management, Applied Finance Econometrics, and Financial Market Microstructure Theories, etc. In recent years, over twenty-one projects are supported by National Natural Science Foundation of China, including one Key Project. Over twenty-five ministerial-level projects are supported by Commitment of Science and Technology Industry for National Defense, the Ministry of Education, the China Insurance Regulatory Commission, and the Aviation Fund. Our faculty has published many academic papers on international journals, which can be indexed by SCI or SSCI. There are also more than fifty academic papers published on the high quality international journals such as Journal of Banking & Finance,European Journal of Operational Research, and Journal of Futures Markets; and around two-hundred academic papers have been published on the high quality domestic journals such as Economic Research Journal, Journal of Management Science in China, China Economic Quarterly, Management World, The Journal of World Economy, System Engineering -Theory and Practice, Journal of Financial Research, and Chinese Journal of Management Science.