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7 Teaching Cases of Beihang Won National “100 Excellent Teaching Cases on Management”

Publish Date: 2016/10/28 09:25:01    Hits:

In September 2016, 7 teaching cases of School of Economics and Management (SEM), Beihang University, won the 7thnational “100 Excellent Teaching Cases on Management”.

This competition was hosted by China National MBA Education Supervisory Committee and organized by China Management Case-sharing Center. According to the official information, the competition organizer received 568 submissions this year, and selected 97 teaching cases from 45 universities as final winners. Each participant university can have at most 7 teaching cases to be rewarded, and Beihang reached the upper limit again this year, after another 7 winners in 2015. The first authors of the award-winning cases are as following: Professor Wenping Su, Professor Shangmei Zhao, Dr. Lin Ma, Professor Taohua Ouyang, Professor Ning Zhou, Professor Xiaoting Han, Professor Yan Zou.

The outstanding outcome of this competition is due to the school’s constant efforts on promoting case-based teaching model for the MBA program. Under the vision of cultivating competitive MBA students and the cultural heritage of BUAA, the school improves internal management and leverages various resources effectively for the capability development of students, therefore achieved a case-based teaching ecosystem. Both senior and junior faculties participate in case development actively, involving students with diverse backgrounds and expertise.

We look forward to the further exploration and innovation in ourcase-based teaching practices.