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Associate Professor Jin-Song Huang Published Teaching Case on Ivey Publishing

Publish Date: 2016/12/31 09:07:11    Hits:

Associate Professor Jin-Song Huang and his research team from School of Economic and Management (SEM) recently published a teaching case titled “Weikang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.: Channel Management Dilemma” on Ivey Publishing. Ivey Publishing is a leading business case studies publisher in the world. With over 8,000 products in its collection, Ivey Publishing adds more than 350 classroom-tested case studies each year. This is the second publication onIveyPublishing from faulty members of SEM. The first one is “Krohne's Entry into the Chinese Market”, authored by Professor Taohua Ouyang and published in 2013. In addition, SEM has 2 teaching cases published on Harvard Business Publishing (HBP), which is another top platform to publish teaching cases.