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A Group of French Universities and Enterprises Visited SEM, Beihang University

Publish Date: 2017/01/03 09:18:40    Hits:

Professor Karine Samuel from UniversitéGrenoble Alpes, Mr. Pascal Gavaud, CTO of Equert International and Mr. FlorentAnon, Officer of French Embassy visited School of Economics and Management(SEM), Beihang University. Professor Ying Fan, Dean of SEM, Professor WeiguoFang, Associated Dean of SEM, Professor Hong Zhou and Professor Xiaoting Hanattended the meeting.

Professor Fan first welcomed the Frenchguests and introduced our school. Professor Karine Samuel and Mr. Pascal Gavaudpresented Université Grenoble Alpes and Equert International respectively.Professor Xiaoting Han shows our key labs after the meeting. After that,Professor Karine Samuel gave a lecture titled “Supply Chain Visibility: AResearch Agenda Proposal”. We exchanged ideas oneducational and research etc.