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The First Spring Semester Advanced Forum of Beihang SEM was held in Shahe Campus

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On 10th, March, 2017, the first Spring Semester Advanced Forum of School of Economics and Management of Beihang University was held in Shahe Campus 4-205.

Mr. Qingyuan Ji, nationally renowned painter, made a lecture titled Xiaolan Ji in History. SEM Professor Huiwen Wang, chair of the lecture,Xizhong Wang, Vice Secretary of the Party Committee, Zichao Jia,students counselor of Shahe Campus, Chen Wang, counselor of students in 2015,Yuchi Zhang, counselor of students in 2016, Yangjie Yu, students from the 1stand 2nd grade and other schools were present at the meeting.

Mr. Qingyuan Ji is the sixth-generation great grandson of Xiaolan Ji, the editor-in-chief of Library in Four Branch of Qing Dynasty. Mr. Qing is currently the director of Beijing Fine Art Academy, National Artist, member of Chinese Artist Association, counselor of Ji xiaolan Research Association, and member of Beijing Chinese Painting Research Association.

The lecture consisted two parts, Xiaolan Ji in History and Art Appreciation.In the first part Mr.Ji introduced Xiaolan Ji’s life and illustrated his opinion on Xiaolan Ji in TV dramas and movies. In this section Mr. Ji also listed some historical events about Xiaolan Ji and displayed some of his unique objects.


In the next part, Mr. Ji introduced the background and connotation of his works, especially about blank space and composition. At the end, Mr.Ji expressed his passion and understanding of Chinese traditional art and answered questions.


Prof. Huiwen Wang made a conclusion speech, in which she stressed her opinion that in true talents, art and science always exist together. She also expressed her hope for students and her gratitude for Mr. Ji, which brought the lecture to a successful end.