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The First-year MPAcc of Our School Went to CPA Australia for Visiting and Learning

Publish Date: 2017/04/08 17:37:44    Hits:

Inorder to respond to the teaching philosophy of combining accounting theory andpractice and to highlight the characteristics of professional master training,Professor Ning Zhou (FCPA Australia), the teacher of "corporategovernance", led the first-year MPAcc to visit the Beijing Representative Office of CPA Australia in the afternoon of April 5, 2017. The representatives of the institute extended warm welcome to Professor Ning Zhou and the students,and then had a two-hour sharing and exchange with the students.

First of all, Erin Zhang from the Beijing Representative Office of CPA Australia madea detailed introduction on the development history of the institute, theservices provided for the members of the institute, the recognition ofemployers to the FCPA as well as the curriculum structure and characteristicsof the CPA examination. Thus the students had a comprehensive understanding onFCPA, and got down to think about their future career choices.

Ning Zhou, the senior member of CPA Australia, also shared with the studentsher mental journey of joining CPA Australia and her membership experience. Thenthe students asked questions like what abilities did those accounting firmsthey were interested in require for applicants and how to coordinate work andfamily life, and the staff members in the institute answered them all.  

Finally,the manager of CPA Australia answered questions about applying for FCPA and jointly setting up a scholarship with the School of Economics and Management of BUAA.

This event plays a positive role of helping the MPAcc students in our school to plantheir career, shape the development direction of their career and determinetheir learning goals.

CPA Australia, founded in 1886 and based in Melbourne, Australia, is one of the world's leading professional accounting bodies. It established 19 offices in 14 countries and territories on three continents, and has more than 150,000 members. The institute is a member organization of the International Federation of Accounting Associations (IFAC) and also one of the initiators of theInternational Accounting Standards, thus renowned in world accounting profession. The institute has maintained extensive cooperation with the Chineseeducation sector. By providing students with examination scholarships and career development lectures, it has improved the internationalization of Chinese universities, cultivated more outstanding graduates, and provided astrong support for the internationalization and professionalization of China'saccounting education.