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Prof. Haijun Yang: Does high-frequency tradingmatter to the market liquidity?

Publish Date: 2017/11/27 17:23:01    Hits:

On 23rd November, 2017, we welcome Prof. Haijun Yang to our Bi-Week Applied Economics Colloquium. Prof. Yang delivered a talk titledas Does high-frequency trading matter to the market liquidity? Hai-Jun Yang is a professor of the School of Economics & Management, Beihang University, as well as a Fulbright Scholar. His primary research interests focus on computational finance, behavior finance, and economical modeling. The Colloquium is coordinated by Associate Prof. Xueying Yu from School of Economics and Management at Beihang University.

During the lecture, over 30 scholars and students from the SEM were involved in the discussion.They raised questions about the paper’s methodological framework and empirical strategies,which provokes further thinking on the issues from both parties.