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Assistant Professor Xiaoping Tong Presented forthe 14th session of Shang XueLunDao @ Business Administration Forum

Publish Date: 2019/09/25 17:06:30    Hits:

Dr. Xiaoping Tong, the new assistant professor of the Department of Leadership and Organization Management at the School of Economics and Management, presented on “Introduction to Research inHuman Resource Development” in room A1028 of the New Main Building from 12-2pmon September the 25th, 2019.

First of all,Dr. Tong explained the reason for selecting this presentation topic. Ingeneral, human resource development has been practiced in various ways in thethousands of years of China and its civilization. The research and teaching ofhuman resource development has been included in such fields and disciplines ashuman resource management as well as labor and personnel relationship. Yet,human resource development is still counted as a relatively emerging conceptfor domestic academia and the industries. Comparatively, the systematicconstruction of the profession of human resource development in developedcountries was started earlier and established more completely. Therefore, Dr.Tong’s presentation aimed to help interested audience to further understand theconnotation and research of human resource development. It mainly introducesthe developmental history and status of the field at home and abroad, researchprogress and some current themes, and recent studies of the presenter.

Following her agenda, Dr. Tong talked about the past and present of human resource development domestically and internationally, positioning of the field, and thevision and mission of the Academy of Human Resource Development. Next, sheintroduced about the research themes, study samples, newest focuses, andresearch directions of the field. Subsequently, she walked the audience throughher own studies in human resource development in the recent years, includingher research on Chinese women leadership. Lastly, she focused on her study onthe accountability of a training program provided by a Chinese corporateuniversity.

The faculty and students who attended this lecture showed strong interest to thecontent. They discussed with the presenter ardently about details and further extension of the accountability research and key figures, within human resourcedevelopment, among other interest points.