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Call For Papers:Th​e 15th International Conference on Financial Systems Engineering and Risk Management(FSERM’2017)

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Systematic Thinking in Financial Innovation

The 15th International Conference on Financial Systems Engineering and Risk ManagementFSERM’2017


October14-15, 2017

Beihang University, Beijing, China


National Natural Science Foundation of China, China

Financial Systems Engineering Committee, Systems Engineering Society of China,China

Local organizer:

School of Economics andmanagement , Beihang University, Beijing, China


Academy of Mathematics and Systems Science, Chinese Academy of Sciences,China

Institute of Scienceand Development,Chinese Academy of Sciences, China

In the year 2017 when we have orgnizedTheInternational Conference on Financial Systems Engineering and Risk Managementfor 15 years, Chinese economy is developing in the new normality and the world economy is full of uncertainty.Atthis time, how does financial innovation serve economic restructuring? How to deal with the new challenges of reform? How can financial systemic risk be prevented and hedged? All of them are testing our wisdom. In order tosolve above problems,the 15th International Conference on Financial Systems Engineering and RiskManagement (FSERM'2017) will be held at Beihang University (Xue Yuan Road Campus)during October 14-15, 2017.

The theme of this conference is "Systematic Thinking in FinancialInnovation".People from academia, industry and regulators relatedtotheareas of financial systems engineering and risk managementare all welcome.

Topics:(but not limited)

● Financial Innovation in Complex Environment

● Financial Risk Management and Regulation under Systematic Thinking

● Financial Derivatives

● Asset Pricing

● Behavioral Finance

● Corporate Finance

● Computational Finance

● Experimental Finance

● Big Data Analysisand Internet Finance

● Macroeconomics and Finance

Paper Submission:

We welcomeall completed papers that have not been published or not in the review process (both Chinese and English) related to financial systems engineering and risk management. Please submit the paper to the conferencee mail fserm2017@163.com.

The submitted papers will be anonymously reviewed by the Conference Program Committee.

Conference Awards and Publications:

"Excellent paper award" will be given inthis conference according to the review ofthe Conference Program Committee and the presentation. Excellent papers are also eligible to be considered for publication in the following journals after further review and revision:Economic Modeling,China Finance Review International, Journal of Financial Engineering, Journal of Systems Science and InformationJournal of Management Sciences (in Chinese),Systems Engineering - Theory and Practice,(in Chinese).

Important dates:

July 31, 2017: Submission Deadline

August 15, 2017: Notification of acceptance

September 15, 2017: registration deadline

Honorary Chair:

Shouyang Wang, Chinese Academy of Sciences

Ziyou Gao, National Natural Science Foundation of China.

WeiZhang, Tianjin University.

Yijun Li, Natural Science Foundation of China.

Chongfeng Wu, Shanghai Jiaotong University


Ying Fan, Beihang University.

Xiong Xiong, Tianjin University.

Program Committee:


Liyan Han, Beihang University.

Co-ChairXiaoguang Yang, Institute of Mathematics and Systems Science, Chinese Academy of Sciences.

Zhenlong Zheng, Xiamen University.

Xianzhi Yuan, Tongji University.

Shangmei Zhao, Beihang University.

Organizating Committee:


PingLi,Beihang University.


Hui Bu,Beihang University.

Guangyu Xu,Beihang University.


School of Economics and Management, Beihang University (BUAA)

Address: #37, Xueyuan Road, Haidian District,Beijing 100191, China

TEL:Xing Chen,86-10-82316083; Yang Liu, 86-18910796593