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Lecture Notice of Di Deng: Basic knowledge of Blockchain and its Social Application

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Title:Basic knowledge of Blockchain and its Social Application

Lecturer:Di DengTime: 2017.5.3

Location:Shahe Campus S4-205

About the Lecturer:

Mr. Deng has successfully founded several enterprises, that own over a hundred patents, with groundbreaking achievements in the fields of video, cloud computing, digital currency, and blockchain. Mr.Deng is the Cloud Computing Expert of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, committee member of National Internet Financial Security Committee,Deputy Secretary-General of the Zhongguancun Blockchain Industry Union,executive member and senior expert of the Internet Application Innovation

Committee of ISC, executive member of the Blockchain Application Research Center of China, and committee members of other blockchain leagues and organizations; Executive Director of the China Blockchain Application Research Center; rewarded the title of “Fintech Leading People by 20 People”; co-founding member of the Global Blockchain Business Council; the head of the Chinese Blockchain Representatives Team to Davos Forum 2017.