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Lecture Notice of Prof.Xinyu Cao:A Methodological Review of Environmental Correlates of Neighborhood

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Title:A Methodological Review of Environmental Correlates of Neighborhood Satisfaction  

Lecturer:Prof. Xinyu Cao

Time:2017.5.16 10:00-11:30 am

Location:New Main Building A716

Invited by: Prof.Qiong Tian

Abstract:Studying neighborhood satisfaction is essential for both public and private sector efforts to retain and attract residents.Many studies explore the impacts of different neighborhood characteristics on neighborhood satisfaction and provide insightful conclusions for improving neighborhood quality. In this paper, we classify neighborhood satisfaction studies into two categories:ad hoc studies and theory-driven studies.Although ad hoc studies reveal various correlates of neighborhood

satisfaction, some offer an incomplete and even biased understanding of neighborhood satisfaction because they have little or no systematic theoretical foundations. By contrast, theory-driven studies recognize the mechanisms through which neighborhood characteristics affect neighborhood satisfaction and hence provide more robust findings. Then we review studies aiming to shed light on how to improve neighborhood satisfaction of existing residents in planning practice.Based on our review, we offer several recommendations for future research.