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Dr. Ernesto D.R. Santibañez Gonzalez's Lecture Notice

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Title:Mitigating climate change: A discussion on some operations research approaches

Lecturer:Dr. Ernesto D.R.Santibañez Gonzalez,Universidad de Talca, Chile.

Time:2017.9.15  10:00-11:30  

Location:New Main Build A949

Host:Prof. Qiuhong Zhao


Two problems related to climate change strategies will be addressed during this presentation. Firstly, a strategy for reducing carbon dioxide (carbon)emissions by capturing and sequestering carbon is presented and a mathematical model is discussed to evaluate the impact of carbon pricing on the deployment of a carbon capture and storage pipeline network infrastructure. Secondly, closed-loop strategies to reduce waste and carbon missions are presented and it is discussed how the pricing of commodities and products in a multi-tier reverse supply chain will be impacted.

About the lecturer:

Dr.Ernesto D.R. Santibañez Gonzalez is an ssociate Professor, Industrial Engineering Department, and the Executive Director and Founder Council of Industry-University (CUE), Universidad de Talca, Faculty of Engineering,Curicó, Chile. He is serving as the Associate Editor of Journal of Cleaner Production (2013-present IF: 5.7 – three years, Elsevier journal) and Journal of Intelligent Manufacturing (2016-present IF: 3.03 – three years, Springer journal). He is one of three Latin-American researchers with the highest responsibility and recognition in his research area (According to Impact Factor (IF) of journals with over 4.5). Current research of Prof. Santibanez-Gonzalez is characterized by integrating linear/no-linear mathematical models, game theory-based models, complex heuristics/metaheuristics, big-data, information systems and internet technology to understand and model how climate change and the required balance of economic, environmental and social issues will impact society, companies and