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Prof.Hai Yang's Lecture Notice

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Title:Optimizing matching time interval and searching radius of order requests in a ride-sourcing market

Presenter:Prof.Hai Yang

Time:2018.5.27,15:00-17:00 pm


Invited by Prof.Tianliang Liu

Abstract:The e-hailing system brings about a drastic change in the people’s travel pattern in daily life. High level of e-hailing service quality not only makes the system profitable but also improves the travel experience of customers. The commonly used dispatching framework is that the platform pairs the customers and idle vehicles in each certain time interval (matching time interval) and in a certain radius around each customer (searching radius) according to certain criteria such as distance. For provision of better service quality and enhancement of system efficiency, this paper proposes to jointly optimize the two key important variables of matching time interval and searching radius for dispatching of ride-sourcing vehicles.

INtroduction:Prof. Hai Yang is currently a Chair Professor at The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. He is internationally known as an active scholar in the field of transportation, with morethan 230 papers published in SCI/SSCI indexed journals and a SCI H-index citation rate of 49. Most of his publications appeared in leading international journals, such as Transportation Research, Transportation Science and Operations Research. Prof. Yang received a number of national and international awards, including National Natural Science Award bestowed by the State Council of PR China (2011). He was appointed as Chang Jiang Chair Professor of the Ministry of Education of PR China; Prof. Yang is now the Editor-in-Chief of Transportation Research Part B: Methodological, a top journal in the field of transportation.