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Prof.Zhang Fangni's Lecture Notice

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Title:Unlock the sharing economy in the parking sector for recurrent commuting trips

Presenter:Prof.Zhang Fangni

Time:2018.10.15 16:00-17:30 pm


Invited by: Prof.Liu Tianliang

Abstract:This study models the parking sharing problem in urban cities, where private parking owners can share their vacant spaces to parking users via an e-platform, and examines the platform operator’s pricing strategies for revenue-maximization and social-cost-minimization. The model takes into account the spatial dimension of parking that both public curbside spaces and private ones potentially available for sharing are distributed along the travel corridor between the city center and the residential area. On the supply side, private parking owners can rent or“sell the right-of-use”of their spaces to the platform based on the rent they can receive and the inconvenience they would suffer by sharing. On the demand side, travelers make their parking choices of space type (curbside or shared) and location (distance from the city center) under given parking capacities and prices. The resulting parking choice equilibrium is formulated as a minimization problem and the underlying properties of the equilibrium are identified and discussed. Based on the supply-demand equilibrium, the pricing strategies (rent paid to space owners and price charged on space users) of the platform operator are investigated. Analytical and numerical examples are presented to illustrate the models and results, and also to provide further insights.

About the presenter:Dr. Fangni Zhang is a Lecturer (Assistant Professor) at the School of Aviation at University of New South Wales (UNSW) Sydney. Prior to joining UNSW, she held Lecturer position at the Institute for Transport Studies at University of Leeds in 2017-2018 and worked as a Research Associate at the Centre for Transport Studies at Imperial College London in 2016-2017. Dr. Zhang received her PhD degree in Transportation from Hong Kong University of Science and Technology and her Bachelor’s degree in Industrial Engineering from Beihang University, Beijing, China. Dr. Zhang is keen to extend the application of her knowledge and expertise beyond the aviation industry and to include other modes of transportation, such as railway, road, and other mobility services. Her current research covers a wide range of fundamental or emerging issues in transport, including infrastructure planning and operations, large-scale multimodal system monitoring and optimization, shared transport management, and automated transport planning and operations. Her research draws tools from different disciplines such as network modeling, economic theory, traffic flow theory, operations research, and data science to transport research and has been published in a number of world-leading journals in the field (e.g., Transportation Research Part A/B/C/E).