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Professor El Kamel's Lecture Notice

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Title: Optimization and Decision Making in Intelligent Transportation Systems

Presenter:Professor EL KAMEL

Time:2018.12.24 12:00-13:30


Abou the presenter:

Professor EL KAMEL received the Engineering Diploma & Master of Science from Centrale in 1990; the Ph.D. in Feb. 1994 and the HCR “Habilitation to Conduct Research” (required to become Full Professor in France) in Nov. 2000, all in Computer & Systems Engineering. Full Professor at Centrale Lille, Dr. EL KAMEL is Visiting Professor in China with 2-to-3 months visits a year since 2008 (BUAA, BIT, Centrale Peking & University of Macao), Tunisia with 3-to-4 visits a year since 1995 (IHEC Carthage, ENIT, EPT, SUP’COM, ISG...), Chili (USACH, U. Valparaiso, U. of Magellan), Mexico (Cinvestav, Merida U., UNAM), Romania (PUB), Canada (U. of Laval), India (IIT Kharagpur) and Sweden (KTH).

He was, among others, the Program Chair of the IEEE Conference CESA'2012 held in Santiago, Chili in April 2012; the Conference Chair of “Intelligent Automation” in the 17thWorld Automation Congress held in Budapest in July 2006; the Organizer and General Chair of the IEEESMC’02 Conference held in Tunisia in October 2002; the Organizer and General Chair of the IEEESMC/IMACS Multi-conference CESA'98 held in Hammamet in April 1998. He received several international awards, among others an IEEE-CESA Outstanding Contributions Award in April 2012; a WAC Distinguished Contribution Award in July 2006 “for his dedicated and outstanding contributions to the success of WAC’06”; an IEEE Outstanding Contribution Award in October 2002 "for leadership in organization the SMC’02 conference"; an IEEE Outstanding Contribution Award in October 1998 "for leadership in organization of the SMC sponsored CESA'98 conference and for many contributions to research and scholarship".

Dr. EL KAMEL is Chair of the Technical Committee on "System Management under Uncertainties" for IEEE-SMC and President of the French IEEE-SMC Chapter since 2002; Member elect of the Board of Governors of the IEEE France Section (2005-2012); Co-Chair then Chair of the IEEE-SMC “Student Activities Committee” (1998-2004). Member of the IFAC TC3.2 "Computational Intelligence" since 2005; he was also Member elect of the National Council of Universities (CNU), which evaluates & promotes professors in France (2000-2004). He has been invited speaker for more than 50 plenary lectures or tutorials in International Conferences and is on the Program Committee of more than 150 IEEE SMC & CSS, IFAC and several other conferences.

His major research interests include Intelligent Systems Automation & Optimization. Applying Intelligent Technologies, Virtual Reality, DSS & Optimization Techniques in Intelligent Transportation Systems and Mobile Cooperative Robots are among the current focus of his works. He has published more than 150 technical papers in International Journals and Conferences; has participated to 5 books and has edited more than 15 proceedings or CD-ROM proceedings of conferences and workshops. He has supervised 20 PhDs, several in the frame of the Chinese CSC-sponsored scholarships, industrial partnerships, international co-supervisions… All of his PHD students are hired and occupy high academic or private company positions now. He received in 2017 the Highest Distinguished Evaluation AAA by French Ministry of Research.

Prof. EL KAMEL was also Expert & Cabinet Staff Member of the Tunisian Minister of Higher Education & Research in charge with International Cooperation mainly with EU (2020 project), China & Latin America. He is also Expert and Project Steering Committee Member with the World Bank for “Africa Higher Education Centers of Excellence”.